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Welcome to Foxwood Family Campground

Foxwood Family Campground
400 Mt.Nebo Rd, East Stroudsburg PA, 18301
Telephone 570-421-1424
Fax. 570-421-1426
E-Mail us for reservations or if you have any questions at

Foxwood Family Campground is nestled in the beautiful scenic Pocono Mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania, we offer a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Relax in our pool, around a campfire, go for a nature walk, or fish in our 1/2 acre well stocked private pond. No fishing license required! Check out our activities schedule to see what fun filled activities we have planned for you and your family each weekend. We are located less than ten minutes off of Interstate route 80, right on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border.

We have spent the winter making vast improvements throughout the campground. Some improvements include our store, rentals, bathrooms and game room. Improvements are still in progress to bring you a memorable camping experience.
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Welcome to Foxwood